domenica 28 ottobre 2007

Halloween Events and Parties!!!!

Spooky Halloween Party all' Avatarum Beach! Spaventosi giochi per Halloween in tutta la Sim & Dolcetto o scherzetto per gli amanti delle caramelle.

Il gioco del Cimitero, Cerca la Zucca, Zombie Mania, Gara delle scope volanti.... e molto altro ancora!
Il miglior Horror che potete trovare! Avete il coraggio? ?
Il 31 ottobre ad Avatarum!

Spooky Halloween Party at Avatarum Beach. Creepy Halloween games
all over the sim & Trick or Treat for candy lovers.

Graveyard game, Pumpkin Search, Zombie Mania, Witch Broom Flight
Contest and lots more!

Horror at its best, do you dare??
Come to Avatarum!
Wednesday,October 31 2007
time 12:00 am- 3:00 am
Host Indira Bekkers

Take a Ghost Tour through the Steampunk City of New Babbage.
Explore dark alley's and haunted buildings. Great Party on
October,31 2007-12 am/ 3:00 am

Ye Be Warned!They are waiting for you!!!! Teleport

Halloween Bikes and Classic Cars

Yes, Biker Skin, Leather, Shape, Motorcycle. The Complete ugly, hairy, biker AV.

With a top of the line Bike from West Coast Classics.
These detailed bikes have passenger options and make the ultimate gift.

Need to dress up for Halloween?
Yes, many different classic models to gaze at.
Harley Look Alikes
Street Fighters
Horex (german classic)
Sunbeam (English Classic)
Moto Guzzi (Italian)
Dirt Bike (Stunts)

All bikes have cool animations: Passenger / Reverse / Turning side to side.

With this amazing script you could feel the weight of the bike in turns and in reverse you have a real cool step back animations.

Many Hud Features: Lights, Horn, Burn Out, Wheelies, Small Jump (to jump over obstables), Built in Temp Rezzer and much more.

West Coast Classic has a new 30 prim Buss. Partner. Richy Usher is an great 30 prim builder and awesome at texturing. Come see this relationship mature.

October, 31 2007
1:00 am- 4:00 am

31 Nights of Horror Film Fest

31 Nights of Horror

10/31 - Ultimate Killing Machine

12:00 am-3:00 am

Helloween Party!
Welcome to our Helloween Party. Big Outfit Contest.
Vote for the best Halloween
Outfit and win the prize. Have fun and enjoy.
october 31 2007- 11:00 am/1:00 pm

INVITATION to our Event at 31.10.2007
Helloween Night
DJ: Amor from 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM PDT
( 20.00 -24.00 Uhr MEZ)

Contest Board: The best Helloween outfit

11.00 AM - 00.45 PM PDT (20.00 -22.00 o' clock MEZ)
price: 1000L$ and raise!!!!!!!!
01.00 AM - 02.45 PM PDT (22.00 -23.45 o' clock MEZ)
price: 1000L$ and raise!!!!!!!!

Hello friends of special enternainment!

On 31.10.2007 will be or big event "Helloween Night"
with much hot surprises.
Much dark highlights will expect you.

Halloween's coming, are you ready for the fright
Goblins and ghouls come out at night
Witches and warlocks are ready to scare
Skeletons dancing without a care

Well friends, come all and meet the best
costumers at Old London Docks.
Take your friends with you.

Dark greetings yours
Old London Docks Team

Dracula's Halloween Party

Not your regular Halloween event. With the Fire Island Halloween mystery treasure hunt, Dracula's Castle, a $5000L prize for the best outfit and a Halloween Disco, this event is not to be missed.

October,31 2007


Fire island

Ohhh this last is very very interesting....
but also the others....

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