lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Some "nice" Halloween Places .....:)

Willow Grove Haunted House
Beware! Enter If You Dare! Please Walk To The Entrance To The Right And Then Click The Sign On The Wall To Rezz Your Pumpkin Car Then Right Or Left Click To Sit, Up To 5 Avatars Can Ride The Pumpkin Car. This Is NOT A Walk-Thru Haunted House So Please Ride & Stay On The Pumpkin Car At All Times Or The Monsters Will Get You! Anyone Caught Walking Through Will Unfortunately Be Banned. Please Wait To Rezz Fully Before Entering The Haunted House And For Best Results, Put Your Settings On Midnight Mode For A More Scarey Effect. Have Fun & Enjoy Your Stay...If You Survive That Is! Happy Halloween!


Welcome to Looter's Haunted Ghost town and Abandoned mine .

Helpful hints
- attach the book to hud ( right click in inventory , attach to hud , center ) in center to view/ or use the book rezzed on the ground or in the bank .
- Change Environment settings ... World, Environment editor, Advanced sky, Sky presets, and try ghost or foggy or just mess with them all lol and find the look you like :) Send me a picture if you find a good setting and look please
- turn on media stream , I have music videos of SL musicians who play at my sim ( well they are part of my story too )
Buckley Moonwall , he is the man who inspired my sim theme with his song "Ghost in the Mine" playing on video here along with his song "Frankie Carino" and" Crazy Love "
Videos Made my Robert69 Little have his songs Ghosts in the Mine and Frankie Carino in them , here are the links :

Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler has 2 songs playing in my video picks
- Faithfully written by Steve perry
-American Fable written by Pilgrim himself :)
you can find more about him at:
*** you can find Pilgrim and Buckleys cd for sale at Trax there are signs on the sim in the tavern , Haunted house and the mine with the LM and also Buckley, Pilgrim and Shagpiles cd's can be found at the Itune in SL store run by Crap Mariner the LM and info is in the Itunes signs also in the Mine , Tavern and Huanted house .

Maximillion Kleene "Chasing Cars " Myspace

Shagpile Spyker's song "Young " Written by him Jason Vare website :

Norris Shepherd singing "Sidekick " website is:

These musicians will be playing at my sim next week Buckley and Pilgrim October 27th starting at 5pm slt
Norris and Max October 31st starting at 7 pm slt
I have some others too , not confirmed on date and time yet UFS Hyde &
DimiVan Ludwig website :

Check out all these fine musicians on Secondlife , check events /livemusic . Many great SL musicians out there :)

Hope to see you soon !
Have a Spooktabulous Halloween !!

**Oh touch the bottle on the ground for the first hint to the mystery and info :)

Dark Dharma Haunted Manor
As if the crypt keeper floating around the garden wasn't enough to give you the willies, once inside this dark and spooky haunted house, there's plenty more to creep you out including a seance to take part in, spells to break, ghostly apparitions, and plenty of other scary Halloween activities.

put midnight!!!