sabato 30 agosto 2008

From Real Life " Gustav Hurricane"

I am very worried and close to all the People who live in those areas, towns, little cities... where Gustav ,The Hurrican ,will arrive....God Bless You , with all my Heart, Lioranne from Italy

Una brutta storia da SL a Real Life....Second Life virtual world lover wanted to kidnap partner in real life!

30 Agosto 2008 USA

Amore virtuale e Violenza reale. Una residente di Second Life, ha tentato di rapire il suo compagno virtuale, dopo averlo conosciuto in Real Life......

Dopo averla incontrata in RL, l'uomo, un 52enne, ha deciso di rompere anche la loro relazione in SL...Cosa che evidentamente non è piaciuta molto...ehm... a Kimberly Jerigan il vero nome della "Avatarra" che dopo un primo tentativo di rapimento ... è riuscita ad entrare in casa dell'ex sl lover, lo ha aspettato con il suo cane , una pistola, manette e nastro adesivo.... chissà che voleva farci......:)))

Dopo un' ora la Polizia è riuscita a risolvere la situazione.

Adesso la donna è sotto custodia e la cauzione è stata fissata in 65,000 dollari...

Second Life virtual world user Kimberly Jernigan, who fell for her fellow user, has been charged with trying to kidnap him at gunpoint.

Jernigan, 33, of North Carolina in the US was also charged with attempted kidnapping, burglary and aggravated menacing in a bizarre case of virtual love and real violence.

As the case revealed, Jernigan had allegedly launched two plots to kidnap her former boyfriend, a 52-year-old man she met in Second Life.

The man had reportedly begun a relationship with Jerrigan in cyberspace, but ended it after meeting her in person.

Jilted Jernigan then allegedly drove to the man’s workplace in Pennsylvania, two states to the north of North Carolina, and attempted to kidnap him at gunpoint.

When the attempt failed, she soon returned two weeks later with a new plan, and this time she posed as a postal worker for four days to find out where the man lived, the police said.

Jernigan allegedly broke into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and, bizarrely, taped her own dog’s mouth shut to stop it from barking while she lay in wait, armed with a Taser, for her former lover to come home.

The man fled after entering his apartment and seeing a laser-sight aimed at his chest, he told police, and Jernigan also fled leaving behind her dog, a pair of handcuffs, a roll of duct tape, a Taser and a BB gun.

The police were able to detain Jernigan about an hour later on a nearby highway.

“We had an agreement to have a somewhat open relationship and actually being involved in (a) game online was a very safe way to do that,” reported Jernigan as saying.

She said her lover recently separated from his wife, or so she thought when they had both got started.

Jernigan is being held in custody and bail has been set at US65,000 dollars. (ANI)

venerdì 29 agosto 2008

ElvenMyst - Home of Elf Clan

ElvenMyst è una piacevole Sim dove vivono Elfi ed altri personaggi di Fantasia, mi è piaciuta molto! C'è anche una Sandbox dove gli avatars del posto possono costruire

Quest è Dwagonville, la piccola città dei draghetti , lol

Carina questa Taverna...
ElvenMyst nice...!!
posted by Lioranne Flanagan on ElvenMyst

I was not alone near the fountaine....:)))

Sparkling Chamber, a beautiful Shop in SL

Che meraviglia...... queste vetrate sembrano vere !!! Ci sono anche vasi, sculture, camini e molti altri oggetti in vetro!

Many beautiful glass object in this Shop!

Che colori !! posted by Lioranne Flanagan on Athlone

Crystal Clear
E queste sculture in vetro.... non sono bellissime?

Some Armours.....not only glass here!!
Non solo oggetti di vetro ma anche armature e preziosi bauli...


.....come questi

Congratulations to the Designer!
Vi consiglio di andare a visitare questo Shop...
Go to see The Sparkling Chamber Shop!!